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  • Electric Fence Ground rod, 6ft x 5/8 in, galvanized steel

    Steel Ground Rod for Electric Fences, 6 Feet x 5/8 Inches: On Sale Here
    • Product ID: 06-02
    • Use this standard 6-foot x 5/8 inch electric fence ground rod (clamp not included) in situations where part of the fence will be over 200 feet away from the rod or where the fence is short but conditions in the ground may be challenging. For fences over a quarter-mile long, insert one of these ground rods every quarter-mile along the fence line and connect all of these ground rods to each other and to the ground terminal on the charger. A sound way to accomplish this connection is by running a metal wire along the fence, connecting it to all the ground rods, and being careful to keep it from touching any of the charged wires on the fence. 

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