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  • Electric Fence Charger, Solar-powered: Power Wizard PW50S (0.06 Joules)

    Solar Fence Charger, Power Wizard PW50S: Low-key, Good: Learn More
    • Product ID: 01-12B
    • The Power Wizard PW50S:
      • Prevents chewing or leaning on fences
      • Protects gardens from dogs, cats, small animals
      • Is weatherproof and portable; has a built-in handle for easy transport
      • Has a built-in mount that fits to T-posts, round posts, wood posts, and flat surfaces
      • Has a 3-year warranty

      Power Wizard's PW50S solar-powered electric fence charger is useful for keeping horses from chewing or leaning on installed barrier fences. Its 0.06 joule output is too small for use on stand-alone electric horse fences but just right for protecting barrier horse fences by administering a small shock to would-be leaners or chewers. Other animals: The PW50S is useful for containing dogs and also for keeping dogs out of vegetable gardens; it is also used (in combination with an 18-inch barrier fence) to protect gardens from cats and a medley of small wild animals including woodchucks, rabbits, raccoons, opossums, and others. General data: The weatherproof and portable PW50S comes with a built-in solar panel, a preinstalled 6-volt battery, instructions, and a manufacturer's three-year warranty against defects and lightning damage.

      Our Price: $112.99
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