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  • Electric Fence Charger, Solar-powered: Parmak DF-SP-LI (0.25 Joules)

    Solar Fence Charger, Parmak DF-SP-LI: Lowest Price: Buy Now
    • Product ID: 01-15
    • Parmak’s weatherproof and portable Solar Pak 6, which has an excellent track record as a reliable solar-powered charger, is a good choice for controlling dogs and keeping livestock off existing fences.


      The low impedance DF-SP-LI (solar panel and battery included) comes with the solar panel mounted on top of the unit and the battery (which is sealed and rechargeable) protected inside the unit’s case. Starting with the battery fully charged, the DF-SP-LI can operate for 21 days in total darkness. The charger has a performance meter on its face showing that the charger is working properly and indicating conditions on the fence. The unit comes with a 2-year repair warranty against manufacturing defects and lightning damage (the battery is warranted for 1 year). Easily mounted on a wall or wood post, the charger is fully weatherproof and can be installed anywhere. Made in USA.

      Maker’s Specifications:

      • Power source: 6 volt 14 amp hour lead-acid gel cell battery
      • Suitable for: Deer, horses, cattle, pigs, and dogs
      • Range: Up to 25 miles
      • Power range listed by Parmak: 0.75-1.8 joules
      • Peak open circuit voltage: 11.5 kilovolts
      • Peak voltage with a 500 ohm load: 2.6 kilovolts

      Manufacturer: Parker McCrory

      Our Price: $195.95
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